Homecoming – Keep it Fun and Safe!

Data confirms that the majority of Greeley students don’t regularly drink alcohol or use other drugs. As you prepare for Homecoming weekend, make sure that you are reviewing your expectations and rules to promote safety and communicating them to your student.

What can you do to help ensure your student has a fun and safe homecoming experience?

  • Establish clear rules and consequences on the use of alcohol and substances.
  • Talk candidly with your teen about the risks of drug use and drinking.
  • Walk your teen through different scenarios and discuss how to handle tough situations.
  • Is your child attending an “after party” or are you hosting a party? Go over exit strategies if the party becomes more than they can comfortably handle and remember, host parents are liable for anything that happens at their home.
  • Lock up your alcohol and medicines. Most teens access alcohol and other substances in their own homes or their friends’ homes.

Good communication, planning and firm expectations will make for a fun, memorable and safe Homecoming for everyone.