Talk to your teen

Your teen is probably pretty good at coming up with excuses, especially when it pertains to homework or taking out the garbage. But even the most skilled excuse-maker needs ready-made comebacks to have in his pocket when his friends and peers start putting on the pressure. Here are some tips.


Talk to your teen, text or email your teen. Text them, especially when they’re out with friends. Practice at the dinner table or when they’re trapped in the car with you while you’re driving. Think about your own secret codes and phrases which will signal that they need to be picked up and to get out of a situation. Ask your teens what they would say, so they’re ready for anything.


When someone offers you drugs or alcohol


  • Compliment the person. “Thanks for offering, but not thanks.”


  • State the problem or consequence. “The problem is that I can’t. [Addiction runs in my family.] [I have a horrible allergy and reaction.]”


  • Offer an alternative that shows that you value the person. “Maybe we can just hang out instead.”


  • Leave in a way that doesn’t offend your friend. “I have to go… text you later.”


  • Repeat yourself if necessary.


  • Just say no assertively.